The Beast
  Two Choices - Transscript - english
by elen and rosarot67 

Barker in in the undergroung and wait fort he next station to get out. 
Charles Barker So that paper from the suburb. You are planing on moving? 
Conrad: My wife has dreams. 
Charles Barker Who about you? 
Conrad: Me? I like there we are. Just sit on my porch with the paper every morning, just jack around south and say, wearing nothing but this tennis sneakers who's business is flying all over the place, neighborhood cause, that set looks straight, Barker. 
Charles Barker Not very likely you find yourself a sit room straighter at Highland Park. 
Conrad: Big drug shipping is coming to town, DEA sworn and missed. That is our problem. 
Charles Barker: What is the intel? 
Conrad: It is inmate. Big cargo, thanks for your take. All we know is this seller keeps a low profile, uses our city as a gateway to the rest of the Midwest. 
Charles Barker So with that much product chances are that the seller is going to be looking download to a buyer here. 
Conrad: Have any ideas? 
Charles Barker: That was an idea. 
Conrad: Got to be more. 
He makes a visite in jail. 
X: You missed me? 
Barker: I was the one who put you here, no, I don't miss you. So, there is a big shipping coming in and I need to know who the buyer is. 
X: You have payment for these services? You get U. S. attorneys off from me for a deal. A transfer to something medium security. 
Barker: No. 
X: You did not drive all the way out here and bare handed? 
Barker: Actually you got to pay me. If you don't I cannot guarantee the safety of this address. The witness protection program is my bitch. 
X: Jimmy Casoley is the buyer. 

In the Apartment of Ellis 
Raymond: You like fine novels. Can't get enough of it myself. 
Ellis: What is everyone have a key to my apartment. Your eye is better now. 
Raymond: My name is Raymond. 
Ellis: I don't care, Raymond. If you want to leave through the front door I suggest you do it now. 
Raymond: Do you really think if I leave now the large will just go away? There is a job that we want you to do. 
Ellis: Not interested. 
Raymond: Not interested in what? The job or the truth? 
Ellis: My loyalty is to Barker. You know I made myself pretty damned clear on the train to you and your friend. What happened to her anyway? You ask for your girlfriend? 
Raymond: She didn't get you to take the gate. That's what happened to her. 
Ellis: I guess you be joining her, for you didn't either. 
Raymond: Oh, I will. I'am here for the long hall. 
Ellis: Do me a favor, lock the door on the way out. 
Raymond: Oh, by the way, I would test the password to my computer if I were you. 
Barker and Ellis meat to start the day. 
Barker: You are late. Mo. 
Ellis: I didn't know they serve breakfast here. 
Barker: They don't. 
Ellis: Hey, Mo. Could I get a coffee? 
Barker: Have you ever heard of Jimmy Casoley? 
Ellis: Is this another test? 
Barker: Not if you know the answer. 
Ellis: He is a heavy buyer: cocaine, ectasy. He gets the stuff and let it trickle down to the middle of the dealers. 
Barker: Yeah, and he is receiving a big shipping coming in. 
Ellis: Now, we pick him up and show him the alternative of not cooperating with the FBI. 
Barker: Wrong. Our only way into this drug dealers castle is that we put pressure on him. Anyway he is going to see us as the law and run. When we are out of the seller and out of the drug shipment. And that is loss-loss. 
Ellis: We are going to part up with Jimmy. We convince him that we are indispensible for moving his cocaine around, which puts us to the inside of the deal. Win-win. 
Barker: right 
Ellis: On the other hand Jimmy may pass on the offer. 
Barker: No businessman ever passes on a better deal. I got a snitch that will lead us to him. So, get the car. And hurry up. 
Ellis: I'am not your valet, you know. Ok 

Changes the scenes 
X: To hell with you. 
Barker: No, I won't. 
X: You want to call 911. You got to pay the man. 
Kelly Herns: I tell you, Baby..... 
X: Shut your mouth. You are the law. You gonna use that gun. 
Barker: You are right. 
Kelly Herns: Every time you come here you beat the shit out of him. 
Barker: I did not touch him. I suppose you give peace. 
Kelly Herns: Know not what I ever saw in this guy? 
Barker: If you don't leave there must be something working. 
Kelly Herns: He can be gentle. He is just pissed off about how toxic the shit on the streets is these days. 
Barker: So, I'am looking for Jimmy Casoley. 
Kelly Herns: Chicago PD picked him up. 
Ellis: How do you know that? 
Kelly: Who is this? 
Barker: My new boy. 
Kelly: I know cause me and my girlfriends were with him, pretty. 
Barker: And because you want to be near Jimmy when the shipping become in. 
Kelly: Everybody wants to be around Jimmy now. Chicago PD, too. 
Ellis: Look at it this way. The Chicago PD and a big shipping heading for Jimmy, you don't know when it comes or where, so logical question: Why would you pick him up before he gets it? 
Barker: Safe for the PD is lazyness. Yeah, Conrad. So guess what. Jimmy Casoley is the buyer. CPD picked him up. I need you to get him out. Press a button, call the U. S. attorney. I don't care. I just need him on the street. 
Ellis: Where are you going now? 
Barker: You go and get me some coffee. Black, no sugar. 

In a Coffee 
X: Coffee, black, six sugars. 
Ellis: Sweet, thank you very much. Rose. 
Rose: Everybody, this is Ellis. Ellis, this is everybody. Ellis is a.......hmmm, what do you do? 
Ellis: I'am a consultant. 
Rose: He is a consultant. I have PBB1, who has PBB2? Are you familiar with Peter's analysis? The case that established the idea of attractive loosing? You don't need me? 
Ellis: I should have called. 
Rose: Yes, I'am thinking the same thing, you should have called. 
Ellis: The work has been busy. 
Rose: You are busy, I'am busy, we are all busy. 
Ellis: Let me just take you out for a drink some time. Sure it looks like you would use me. 
Rose: Is this funny to you, cause I'am pissed. 
Ellis: How pissed? 
He leaves the bar and goes to his partner who waits in the car for him. 
Ellis: Your coffee, Sir. So what is the word? 
Barker: Conrad says there is no button to press. There is no Jimmy Casoley in custody. 
Ellis: No Jimmy? 
Barker: Not according to the CPD arrest report. 
Ellis: When she lied to you. 

Barker pours the coffee from the car window and gases. Then they go again too again to the informant. 
Ellis: You want me to call the coroner? 
Barker: No. That is a mass I'am not interested in. You know in all this time not once did she ever say: Get me out of this hell, not once. You got to respect that kind of clarity. And she was not lying about Casoley. The cops did take him. 
Ellis: There is no arrest record. 
Barker: That's why I need you to get a look at the police. She said when Jimmy was taken, she was with her girlfriends, so whoever they are, they can verify your story. 
Ellis: ok 
Barker: And do not go to the Chicago police. You start asking too many questions, they start to flag why we are after Jimmy. Find another way. 
Ellis: What do you want to do about 
Barker: I'll take care of her. 

He provides for the fact, that the proofs in the flames destroyed warden. Ellis meets a colleague hits. 
Bruce: So you don't call, shit. Thank you. That's there it is said. I wish I was you. You are sure? 
Ellis: I dropped not one. 
Bruce: Ever since I joined the team I'am sitting in an office with no windows watching out, while you are out here catching assholes. 
Ellis: It's time. I need you to do me a 
favor. I need some records from the Chicago PD. This can not come back to me or to my case. You understand ? I need an arrest record of one Kelly Herns. 
Bruce: What you ask me to do is an act of gross misconduct, something which will send your end to the word dismissal. I'am in. 
Ellis: Thank you. 
Bruce: But you have to do me a favor in return, ok? You got to send me up with a girl, alright. She is going to be a ten, let's say a eight. 
Ellis: A eight? There are not a lot of eights running around. 
Bruce: That's the point. 
Ellis: I'll do it for you. Alright, but I need one more thing, a video from the Chicago Field Office evidence room. 
Bruce: This Kellys police file and the security camera video, is that for the same case? 
Ellis: No, it's not. 
Bruce: She better be an eight. 
Barker meats Conrad in the parking garage of the FBI 
Conrad: You know, you took me away from one half of a sandwich. You drove a stiff into the FBI parking garage? 
Barker: See to that she gets a proper burial. 
Conrad: But who is she? 
Barker: Just get her a proper burial and send me the bill. 
Conrad: I told my wife I'll pick up my daughter after supper. 
Barker: Look, you want me to make this case or not. I pack your trunk,I' ll give you a hand. 

Ellis controls in his Appartment the documents which he has got of his friend. And then calls him. 
Ellis: No. 
Bruce: yeah 
Ellis: What did you send me? 
Bruce: I send you what you asked for. The security video tape. 
Ellis: Cut's out. There is missing like 1 Minute 20. 
Bruce: I gave you what was there. 
Ellis: Somebody cut off the tape. 

In a bar 
Raymond: You texted him. Then you leave me texted him. Bruce, right?Says something like I'am running a half hour late and thinking about you. You are nice as we. 
Ellis: I had him on the phone. 
Raymond: A case came across my desk. From the guy who runs the evidence cage at the field office. Complain. He said at 6 a. m. you broke into the cage, describes you as emotional and irrational. You asked about Barker, searched the shelves for something, took nothing and left. Now the time you reportly arrived tells me a lot. It tells me you went there right after you left us on the train. What were you looking for, Ellis? 
Ellis: I left my wallet there. Popcorn, a movie, so romantic. 
Raymond: That's what we have on Barker. Not enough to make a case against him, if we were, we wouldn't need you. But it will make you wonder. Now you have two choices, one is to give that disk to Barker. She is pretty. Better not meet her in this place. 
Ellis: She is none of your business. 
Raymond: Take a look at the disk, Ellis. 
Ellis: Hey 
Rose: Hi. Are you early or am I late? 
Ellis: Yes. Come right for your drink. 
Rose: You could buy me several. 
In the jail 
Barker: I need you, your family and your father to bolter me. 
X: Think you can trick us? Never since Alcatraz, the brain trusting fears you are going to miss on your way out. So when they reached a man, David Lane, they cut him for you. 
Barker: You gonna say me a clip...... 
X: I want some God damned respect. You want something. I want something. 
Barker: I make a call and see if I can get you transferred out of here to same fair country club, no promises. 
X: No promises. I'am going to tell you what my father would tell you. I sooner cut off my hands than work for that piece of shit. Go. 
Back in the bar. 
Rose: So, where are you from? 
Ellis: Missouri. That's where I went to high school. Hold up. Now loosen your fingers, just before you shift. 
Rose: I know how to play pool. 
Ellis: Ok 
Rose: Are your parents still in Missouri? 
Ellis: No parents. 
Rose: So you are hatched. 
Ellis: My mum died when I was five. My dad, he went out for a pack of cigarettes. 
Rose: It's tough. 
Ellis: I only wish he would have started smoking sooner. 
Rose: This sounds like a country western song. You know that joke. What you have if you play a country song backwards: You get your wife back, you get your truck back, you get your job back and when your dog comes home. 
Ellis: I didn't heard that one, it is funny now. 
Rose: I'am sorry. I got to go, got another study group. 
Ellis: One of us is always leaving. 
Barker: Kellys girlfriends, you got her names? 
Ellis: Yes, there is one girl that comes every time Kelly is busted, a Lucy Blacko, she is a stripper at a club. 
Barker: You've been there? 
Ellis: At a strip club? 
Barker: Now, have you been there? 
Ellis: No. 
Barker: perfect 

At a meeting from the AA 
Conrad: I'am an alcoholic. I feel safe with those who understand the meaning of that. I feel like I..... You are kidding me. How did you find me? 
Barker: You only turn your phone off if you go to AA meetings. 
Conrad: That is right. Out of respect for what goes on there. 
Barker: I need to transfer Casoley junior out of Supermax. 
Conrad: You put him down there, yourself. Do you want to move him to a country club? 

Barker: I need someone to introduce me to that drug deal, only the father can do that. Moving junior is the way to get it. 
Conrad: What do you want from me? 
Barker: I need you to talk to the Department of justice. 
Conrad: They won't do it. Junior was the family gun. He got contract kills to his name. You want him free. I make the call, but I know what the answer is going to be. 

Barker: fine 
Conrad: What are you going to do now? 
Barker: I compromise. 

Scene 16: 
Barker: You remember what she looks like, right? 
Ellis: Yeah, I saw her photo, she is hard to forget. Never send a boy to do a man's job. 
Barker: Yeah, right. 
Lucy: You want some company? 
Ellis: This is nice. Are you busy tonight? 
Lucy: Not to busy for you. You are a player, ha? I'am going to dance for you, Baby. 
Ellis: Actually looking for an aftermate for tonight. 
Barker: Order off the minimum. 
Lucy: What gets you off? 
Ellis: You and more of you. 
Lucy: What`s your name? 
Ellis: What's my name? John. John Smith. We are, right, I'am John Smith and I got 2.3 kids and a wife that doesn't get me. I'am here for a smart phone convention and you are Lucy, you love to dance for me, mean that's the difference. 
Lucy: What did you say? 
Ellis: I said you love to dance. 
Lucy: You called me Lucy. 
Barker: shit 
Ellis: Who is Lucy? 
Lucy: Who told you my name is Lucy? 
Ellis: hey 
Lucy: You are a cop? 
Ellis: Cop? What are you talking about? 
Lucy: Get off it. Everyday the last two weeks every cop in the district is coming around to get me to Jimmy Casoley. The same with you, right? 
Ellis: Just keep it down. 
Lucy: Shut up. Didn't they send you a memo that they got him last night? Oh, and get my father a message: tell him to leave me the hell alone about Jimmy. 
Barker: Son of a …..... 
Ellis: I know I massed up, alright. The Lucy thing, it just slipped out. 
Barker: To damned worried about impressing me and not focused on the job. 

Ellis: Who is her daddy? 
Barker: What? 
Ellis: She said, tell my father. So, who is her daddy? 

In front of a house, Barker meats Leutenant Blacko. 
Barker: Morning 
Leutenant Blacko: Can I help you? 
Barker: You are getting out of town? 
Leutenant Blacko: My wife and I have already a nice cabin at the lake. If you are interested in this house, I could give you a tour. 
Barker: I'am not here for your house. I'am looking for Jimmy Casoley. 
Leutenant Blacko: Don't know a Jimmy Casoley. Does he live around here? 
Barker: No, this Jimmy Casoley, he wouldn't spend much time around here. He doesn't like cops. 
Leutenant Blacko: So, who are you? A FBI? I take that as a yes. 
Barker: Leutenant Blacko. I mean you may not know that Jimmy, but your daughter does. 
Leutenant Blacko: I don't have a daughter. 
Barker: It's not what Lucy says. 
Leutenant Blacko: You did see Lucy? 
Barker: Want her to help me find Jimmy, she wouldn't. I was hoping you would. Look I know how you feel, but..... 
Leutenant Blacko: You know how I feel? What do you know about how I feel? You know what Casoley did to my baby girl? He took her and I could never get her back. I could never get my girl back. You excuse me, I have to clean up. 
Barker: If you help us, maybe you can shot this guy. 
Leutenant Blacko: Six o'clock today. I'll go down from CPD, forced retirement. 
Ellis: so? 
Barker: So he told me he whiff on Jimmy Casoley. 
Ellis: Think he is right? 
Barker: No, he is telling the truth. He spent years trying to build a case and never got him. 
Ellis: And yesterday the cops got him. 
Barker: They got him yesterday because Blacko decided he was not interested in building a case anymore. 
Ellis: It's personal. This is about Lucy, ha? 

Barker: What it is not about is a drug shipment. Understand this, as long as Casoley is away there is no chance to steal the good. 

He gets out of the car and opens the boot. 
Barker: Let's go. Here, put these on. Whatever you do, do not let him draw. 
X: It's a special day. 
X: A special day. 
Casoley: Blacko 
Leutenant Blacko: How are you doing, Casoley? 
Casoley: What are you doing here, God damned cop? 
Leutenant Blacko: No more since 11 minutes ago. Now I'am just Lucys father. Put him in my car. 
Jimmy Casoley: What the hell? 
Barker: Get down. Do not move. 
Ellis: So, Jimmy. 
Charles Barker Here, take this. 
Jimmy Casoley: Who the hell are you? 
Barker: We are your new partners. We will handle your product contribution from Minnianapolis. 
Jimmy Casoley: Minnianapolis, that is out of our territory. 
Charles Barker Not anymore. 
Jimmy Casoley: You must be crazy for..... 
Ellis: We just saved your ass, we hijacked you from the Chicago PD and this is the thanks we get. 
Charles Barker To split is the least you can do. 
Jimmy Casoley: No thanks. 
Charles Barker Look or I really hand you back to some really pissed off cops. 
Jimmy Casoley: No, no way. Ok, ok, deal. Just get out of here. 
Ellis: Let's go, drive. 

Change the scene 
Ellis: Now what? 
Jimmy Casoley: Now we wait, you freak. Shipment will come to us. 
Ellis: I'am going to take a piss. 
Jimmy Casoley: How did you find me? 
Charles Barker Look, I'am lucky I found you. 
Ellis: The location is a hundred yards south of the Client's Street Bridge. A factory road. Our men sits there. 
Jimmy Casoley: You are protecting someone? 
Charles Barker I found you through a skunk named Lucy. 
Jimmy Casoley: Lucy is no skunk. 
Charles Barker Well, I call you as I see you. 
Jimmy Casoley: No, she was 14 when she came to me, nice kid, pretty, clean, she got knocked on the junk so fast she asked me to put her down on the street, I had no choice. 
Charles Barker So it was the junk that made her a whore? You had nothing to do with it? 
Jimmy Casoley: The whore was always in her, the junk just helped to bring it out. 
Charles Barker Yeah, maybe. So you pull the car back. You get out. There are two guns, if you only switch, they will be at your back. 

Jimmy Casoley: Casoley. Look at me, Casoley. 
Ellis: Son of a......... 
Leutenant Blacko: Look at me. You dragged my little girl down into your world of filth and twisted her to believe that she didn't have a home. She had a home. 
Jimmy Casoley: This is between the two of us. 
Leutenant Blacko: Now, I'll send you back to that rat hole you crawled out of. Are you scared? Good. 
Charles Barker Don't do it. 
Leutenant Blacko: So, it's good. 
Charles Barker Put him in the car. 
Leutenant Blacko: I would do it again. 
Charles Barker Here they come. 
Ellis: What can we make now? 
Charles Barker Shot me. 
Ellis: What? 
Charles Barker Shot me. Come on, shot me. 
Ellis: I'am not going to shot you, no. 
Charles Barker Ah, oh God. 
Ellis: I sure hope you have a plan. 
X: So what happened here? 
Charles Barker We had a slight disagreement, but everything is worked out now. That brick tried to kill us. 
X: And you are? 
Ellis: Jimmy's partners. 
X: Jimmy doesn't have partners. 
Ellis: Does now. 
X: No Jimmy, no party. 
Charles Barker What is done, is done. We handle the distribution for the south now. You call him. Your men are about for us. Listen, Jimmy Casoley was shorten south out of the deal, Jimmy doesn't want to cut south out of the way, so we cut him out. Call him. Call him 
X: Don't tell me what to do. 
Charles Barker Alright. Hello. 
X: Who is this? 
X: Who is this? You jackass, it's 3 o'clock in the morning. What are you calling me for? You are a dead man. Do you hear me? You are dead. 
X: ok 
Charles Barker ok 
X: Hey you, pretty boy, put yourself away. And you, my friend. I will tell you just like I told Jimmy when I got in business with him. I'am not a man to be triffled with. 
Charles Barker I can see that. If to triffle with you means crude, you can see you soft triffled. 

Ellis: What do you want to do with him? 
Charles Barker It's over, right? 
Ellis: How did you find us? 
Leutenant Blacko: I've been a cop for 36 years, you think I can't find anybody I want? You know how many dirt guys I put away on my charge, get them and burn them and never got two shits. This one guy that screwed up my little girl. Him, I could not lay a hand on. Think on that. My guys knew what I felt like leaving the job with that bastard still on the street. So they made him a present to me. I figured I would shot him on drugs, just as he did to my baby. Stick some bad, crab junk in his arm so he dies slow, the same way she is dying slow. That was the plan. Didn't just want to just blow him away. But this feels ok. Plan B works, too. 
Charles Barker Cut him loose. 
Ellis: He just shot someone in front of us. 
Charles Barker Jimmy got killed in a crossfire. Cut him loose. 
Ellis: I won't cut him loose, ct him loose yourself. 
Charles Barker Go, right now, go. 
Ellis: I see the same shit you did, Barker. The guy is trying to get right by his daughter, but it is a really out call. 
Charles Barker I'am not going to sit here and teach you the difference between right and wrong. Bottom line: if you don't make your call, you will wake up twenty years from now and wonder why you did any of it. And when your life is nothing but a big joke. 

At Barkers home 
Ellis: hey 
Charles Barker hey 
Ellis: How is your shoulder? 
Charles Barker Hurts. Come on in. You want a beer. 
Ellis: A beer would be great. I love what you have done with the place. 
Charles Barker I like to have a couple of different places I call home, gives me options. Here, no beer, milk. 
Ellis: The blade driver, isn't that evidence? 
Charles Barker It was evidence, now it is a bookend. I need it to ensure the safety of an informant. And believe me, it is better off with me than in that evidence room. Ok? 
Ellis: ok 
Charles Barker So what was so important? 
Ellis: I met a girl. That's happening, right? A woman, you ask yourself.... 
Charles Barker Press her and push forward. 
Ellis: Look, you are really busy, so I should just go. Thanks for the advice. 
Charles Barker So what? Is it killing you to lie to her? Get rid of her. No excess baggage, nothing you can't leave behind. 
Ellis: See you tomorrow, right? 
Charles Barker Yeah 
Ellis has torn again in his apartment to and fro whether he should have a look at the DVD or not.
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