The Beast
  Infected - Transscript - english
The Beast: Infected 

Scene 1: 
Will: Hello, little brother. 
Ellis: Will 
Will: Come here, oh, come here. You look good. 
Ellis: How did you find me? 
Will: I haven't seen you in seven years and that is your first question? 
Ellis: Why are you here? No money? I ain't got none. 
Will: I don't want your money. 
Ellis: Oh oh, I am busy 
Will: We got things we need to talk about. 
Ellis: Not me. I have to go. 
Will: I just spend seven years in prison, Ellis. Five minutes since you come in. You want me that much. 
Ellis: Are you stamp? The place is over on Wood. 
Will: I know. 
Ellis: Beer is in the fridge, but don't drink a lot. 

Scene 2 
Ellis: What? 
Barker: Never turn off your damned phone. 
Ellis: You said, I have the weekend off. 
Barker: I said, take a few days. We are never off. 
Ellis: So this is not even a real case? 
Barker: What did I just say? 
Ellis: Just crushing my weekend because some 38 old cargo with a big corporate game called you in a panic. 
Barker: Marcus does not panic. He is the best damned control agent I ever had. There was a time I was made by hijackers, he shot down 60 miles of Interstate to find me and to duck me out of a truck by hand. 
Ellis: That's why you owe him, not me. 
Barker: You spoke like a true head up ass. Let's go. 
Marcus: If the silent alarm goes off, the whole office locks down. I got here in five minutes to see that one of our people tried to leave with this. Susan Redlyn, vice president for about ten years. I know her pretty good. Couldn't believe it. 
Ellis: diamonds 
Marcus: This is 8- 10 million easy. Tiffany is got nothing on us. 
Barker: This is not why you called me, right? 
Marcus: She got a story, Barker. Listen, she says they had infected her little boy. 
Barker: Marcus 
Marcus: Infected him with some deadly disease. 
Barker: She says what? 
Marcus: Something rare, that would kill him. She says they will not tell her what it is until she rob the place. 
Ellis: They still have the jewels and let the kid die. 
Marcus: Tried to reach my boss, the chairman, they are all away on holiday. You got to talk to her, Barker. She is in there with the little boy. 
Barker: She is in there? 
Marcus: She is not contagious. 
Ellis: This is good to hear. 
Susan: There is no time. I got to cope with their instructions, but I do not have the jewels. 
Barker: Just slow down. 
Susan: I suspect anything was wrong, but I didn't told to anyone. 
Barker: No one knows we are here, Mam. 
Susan: And what that's ? Possible that they are watching everything. 
Barker: That's why you were lying. 
Susan: Do I have to convince you? If I send for the police they won't tell me what Matt has and what to do. 
Ellis: He should be in a hospital. 
Susan: The doctors said it is just a cold. Exactly what he said they would say. He said if you wait for the doctors to find it, he will be dead. We are wasting time. 
Barker: It is kidnapping. 
Marcus: That's what I told you. That's why I called you. 
Barker: The kid is right in front of you, but they got him. They are killing him as you watch. 
Susan: It's them. I got to do what they say. I leave Matt here with you. Try to safe him and not run away. 
Barker: Give her the jewels. Just follow my instructions. Now, answer it. 

Scene 3: 
Barker: I don't care it's the holidays or what. Get somebody over here now. So CDC is going to send an investigator. 
Ellis: She still got them herself on the cell. 
X: So wait for instructions. 
Susan: Left on Jackson 
Ellis: Left on Jackson. Left, left, left. 
Barker: I got it. Take a chill pill. They are running her in circles. 
Ellis: Ten million in jewels. You could loose a lot of other peoples money. 
Barker: What can I say? I put it on my tap. 
X: Go for the park. 
Susan: ok. Pulling over to the park. 
X: Stop at the main entrance. 
Susan: I am at the park. Now what? 
X: Go to the bridge. 
Ellis: She is out of the car. Entering the park of Randolph. Let me out. Let me out. 
Barker: Go, go, go, go I wait outside. 
Ellis: Right. Thank you. 
X: Get back here. 
Susan: Ok, I am here. Where am I going? 
X: Go to the foot bridge. You got one minute. Hurry 
Susan: Ok, I am here. 
X: Look over the side. Ok, when I say now you threw the jewels over to the railway. 
Susan: ok 
X: Now. Pull it now. 
Barker: Yeah. You got to tell me that the guy is in the right place for a pick up, right? 
Ellis: Yeah, you got him. 
Barker: He is out of here. 

Scene 4: 
Matt: Look, what I found. 
Barker: Let me talk to Matt, if I can. 
Barker: Hey, chief. 
Matt: Special Agent Redlyn. What do you say is your purpose here? 
Barker: Special Agent, I got a question. Before you got sick, did anything special happened? You know, did you do anything you don't normally do? 
Matt: no 
Barker: What about strangers? Any strangers hanging in there? 
Matt: Do you think I am dumb, I know about strangers. 
Barker: I know you are not dumb, Special Agent. 
Matt: Is my mum in trouble? Are you going to arrest her? 
Barker: No, why would I do that? 
Matt: Mr. Marcus got mad at her. 
Barker: Can I tell you a secret? Mr. Marcus is always crumby. 
Matt: Did somebody made me sick? 
Barker: The thing is you got to get better, right? You are going to grow up, play with the Eagles. You can't play for them like that. 
Matt: Promise? 
Barker: Yeah. I do, ok. You hang on there to get better. See you, Special Agent. Alright, the disease control called back. They are sending an investigator. 
Susan: We can't risk involving more people. They said no police. 
Marcus: The CDC are experts. 
Barker: And they just might be able to identify what Matt has. 
Ellis: Something is left out, Mam. Where is Matt's father? 
Susan: That is not a concern. 
Ellis: I am afraid it is. He needs to be notified. 
Susan: Well, this will be difficult. I used a donor bank. Oh God, why don't they call? 
Barker: They will call and they will be mad. 
Susan: Why? I gave them the jewels. 
Barker: You gave them half the jewels. I kept the rest. 
Susan: How could you do that? How could you do that? Come on.... 
Barker: Listen........I said listen to me. You can't play poker without cards. 
Susan: This is no game. 
Barker: If you give them the jewels, they are gone. You have no advantages. Now you do. You are a businesswoman. You know how to do this. 
Marcus: It was the chairman of the company. He wants to see me. 
Barker: Ok, keep him cool and wise at time. 
Susan: How is he going to do that? 
Barker: Marcus ways. 
Susan: How can I speak to them if they call? 
Barker: Start writing. 
Susan: I thought it was just a cold. All kids get colds, right? It doesn't seemed so bad, so I made him go to the day camp. Later I got this rare text message. As if someone was reading my mind. 
Ellis: Exact words? 
Susan: It's not a cold. Matt seemed to be fine when I got home from work. The housekeeper said ha had a good diner. When later that night he started vomiting, fever, headache. I called the doctor and he said you know flue, it is going around. So I did what he said. And Matt felt better the next morning, so I went to work. 
Barker: That was yesterday? 
Susan: Yes. And when I got this text message while I was with clients. It described exactly what was going to happen. Matt would seem to recover and when he get really sick around midnight. Even predicted his temperature. It all happened just like they said. We went to the Emergency Room and the doctor kept telling me the same thing: flue. When I argued with her she said I was hysterical. Woman doctor. I don't expect that. When we get home. 
Barker: That's when they called you about stealing the jewels. 
Susan: yeah 
X: Hello, I am Dr. Valen, CDC 
Susan: Thank you for coming. 
X: We need to keep up Matt's hand. Have you ever get your blood controlled? 
Matt: yeah 
X: Ok, so you know what to expect. I'll be extremely gentle, I promise. Ok 
Marcus: Barker 
X: I need you to put on your bravest face for me. 
Matt: I am always brave. I am a Secret Agent. 
X: He is going to be ok. 
Barker: Let's go. 
X: It;s good to know. You keep that arm, ok? 
Matt: interesting 
Susan: hello 
X: Your son is going to die, because you did not follow our instructions. 
Susan: I have the rest of the jewels you wanted. You get all of it, when I know what Matt has. 
X: You will deliver them first. 
Susan: I am not going to do that. 
X: You play with your kid's health. 
Susan: The Serena sunrise is worth over a million. First you have to tell me what Matt has. 
X: You dictating me? That is not the way it works. 
Susan: You have to help Matt first. It's not a trick. You got..........Oh, My God. 
Barker: You did fine. 
Susan: How can you say that? He doesn't care. He is gone. 
Barker: I promise you, he will call back. 
Susan: How can you promise? How do you think you can know that? 
Ellis: Because this arrogant bastard thinks he is smarter than me. 
X: Miss Redlyn, would you mind to leave us alone please? I am recently confident that the boy..... 
Barker: Matt, his name is Matt. 
X: Whoever infected Matt was telling the truth about that it is not going to be diagnosed. For if it would, his mother would know more by now. 
Barker: So, what is it? 
X: I need the remissions. I suggest it is some form of a virus, there are dozens of cases which I can compare to this. 
Barker: So you make a blood test , a culture or something. 
X: A culture take weeks. With most diseases he got enter the eternal phase in a matter of days. 
Barker: How does he got it? 
X: That sort of thing is spread by mosquito, or a brick or a sratch, maybe. 
Barker: How long ago? 
X: Seven, eight days probably. 
Ellis: Have there been any other cases around here? 
X: There was an incident of Gamboa fever about a month ago. A man died. We never figured out how he contracted it. The police suspected it was his wife. She tried to kill herself. 
Barker: Can you give me everything you got on that now? 
X: yes 
Barker: Thank you, Mrs. Redlyn. What was Matt doing a week ago? 
Ellis: That's when he caught it. Someone injected it into his system. 
Susan: I am not sure. 
Barker: You can't remember last week? 
Susan: He got a lot of activities. It's hard to........saturday. Ah, was the baseball tournament, he was there all day. 
Barker: So, were there any strangers hanging around, anyone not of the team? 
Susan: Well, I was only there for part of it. There were problems at the office. 
Barker: Work comes first. 
Ellis: That was a little harsh, not? 
Barker: Why would you care for her? 
Ellis: Something about this case? 
Barker: But you said it wasn't a case. 

Scene 5: 
Barker: You must have cameras covering every incident of the place. Marcus. 
Marcus: We put in what we need. 
Barker: Susan said the persons targeted something like a necklace. 
Marcus: Serena sunburst 
Barker: Run the videos for the last month and see who took an interest in it. And Marcus: you can still illuminate the old ladies. Good-bye. 

Scene 6: 
Barker: Abby Talfott? Abby? I am Charles Barker, FBI. Mrs. Talfott? I have no time so I am going to cut to the chase. I am here because I don't think that you killed your husband. Maybe I am the only person in law enforcement who believes that. I reviewed your case and I think I can help. You need to listen to me. You didn't kill your husband. Alright. Just listen. Last month your husband got a little sick, didn't he? But it didn't seems serious, just like a little cold. He getter better for a while, when it get worse, nothing the doctors did helped. When somebody contacted you, didn't they? They are doing it again. This time they infected a little boy and he is dying. You got to help me, Abby. Talk to me. Ok, I need you to answer one question. What was the first thing they said? 
Abby: It's not a cold. 
Barker: Thank you. 

Scene 7: 
Barker: So I guarantee you, it's the same guy, the same routine. So what do you got? 
Ellis: Check this. Susan and Mrs. Talfott are both mentioned in this article. Rising stars in Chicago business. 
Barker: These bastards. So they target highly placed professional woman who own something of big value. With the Talfott woman it was stalking epilation. And now it is jewels. 
Ellis: So I think we are following the jewels, I mean, there can't be many places they can move it to. 
X: Sorry, I am late. I was running a test. And Matt definitely does not have Gamboa fever. It would be stupid to use the same disease again. 
Barker: How is he? 
X: He is doing better. But the pattern. You know, you start to feel better for a while. 
Barker: What do you need to help him? 
X: I need to go into a research lab, only one lab is working with the Gamboa fever. 
Ellis: Back it off for me. You just said this is not what he got. 
X: I know. I have a string of the Gamboa fever that killed Talfott. I need to do a DNA analysis of the string the lab has to see if it matches. If it matches.... 
Barker: Let's come back and do this. This lab is probably connected. You need a cover story. Something that will work. 
X: Even my level of CDC clearance isn't enough to get an allowance. 
Ellis: Get in the place and let's do it. 
Barker: You have to do it quick. Very quick. 
Ellis: Oh, before I forget. I spoke to Matt's baseball coach. He know there is nothing weird, but his wife shot this video of the tournament. 
Barker: Ok, thanks. Good job. 
Ellis: That Talfott, you got a blood sample? 
X: yes 
Ellis: Jesus, doc. Come on, be careful with that. Let's go. 

Scene 8: 
X: Just remember all the basic equipment that I showed you, alright? And follow my lead. Wow, that's perfect almost. 
Ellis: How long will it take? 
X: Well, it depends on how the lab is sealed and controlled. It requires special protective clothing, decontamination. 
Will: Is this a bad time? 
Ellis: Will, this is Dr. Allen. 
Will: Dr. Allen. I am Will. 
Ellis: Just stop it now. 
X: It was nice to meet you. 
Will: Nice to meet you. 

Scene 9: 
Matt: A7 
Barker: You are rolling dices, you know. Build or die, or something. How did you got a plan? 
Matt: Just any number you like. That's on the board. 
Barker: A 12. Oh, that's on the board. 
Matt: Yeah, And it only goes up to 10. C.......Ah. 
Barker: Sorry, little brother. Apparently I sock in battleship. 
Susan: Looking at the video again, like you told me. 
Barker: So what about that guy? 
Susan: I think he is one of the Dads. 
Barker: Her? 
Susan: I don't know. 
Barker: What about them? 
Susan: This is pointless. I can't tell if there is a stranger. The people come, relatives, friends. I don't go to enough of his games, alright. 
Barker: You are asking me if it is alright? 
Susan: I am a nasty mother, this is what you want me to say. 
Barker: All I want from you is information. 
Susan: You think I am an ambitious career woman who cares only about herself. 
Barker: I can't remember saying...... 
Susan: Be honest. How can I trust you if you are not honest. 
Barker: Ok, fine. You got a right to have a career, you got a right to have a kid, you can do whatever choices you want, but you don't have a right to expect it to be easy. No one does. 
Susan: Keep going. That's Matt's best friend, Brandon Cook, just in case that you think I do not even know who my son's friends are. 
Barker: Ok. You know what to do. And go. 
Susan: hello 
X: Who is your friend? You think we are not watching you. I said no police. 
Barker: Hello. This is Matt's father. 
X: Where did you come from? We did thought she is a single woman. 
Barker: I know I have been out of the picture since he was born, but Susan was scared and she called me and look, this is my son, I am ready to play whatever you want. 
X: You can start by bringing some senses to that bitch. 
Barker: Please listen to me. I got the jewels now. They are yours. Just please help my son. 
Susan: Things are spinning out of control, aren't they? 
Barker: For them, not us. 

Scene 10: 
X: I don't think you understand. This is a CDC investigation. 
X: I can't reach the director right now. 
X: Look I have virus. It's a rare string. And this is the only lab in the area that has the sample. Now by delaying ma you are increasing the chances of an epidemic. 
X: I am sorry. Those are my orders. 
Ellis: This is for the quarantine of the senator. 
X: Senator? 
Ellis: You don't know? He caught it from the Ukrainian Ambassador. No one knows how he is going to be. He will be mad if he finds out we have been locked for a couple of days. 
X: Look, I don't have the authority to let you come in here if you are not on that list. 
Ellis: If that turns out to be a false alarm. 
X: I don't want to be in the director's shoes right now. 
Ellis: I know what's the matter. This place could disgrace the Federal test contract, ok. 
X: What do you need exactly? 
Ellis: Look busy. 
X: Just get it. 
Ellis: How does this work? 
X: The system creates a record of which virus had been locked and when. 
Ellis: And that's how we find them? 
X: Oh no 
Ellis: What? 
X: No samples of Gamboa fever in here. Ellis, you got to get me to another lab. I need ten minutes. 
Ellis: Like Barker said, that's what we do. 

Scene 11: 
Susan: You have a good taste. You picked the best pieces. 
Barker: So what? You have the security tapes? 
Marcus: I am working on it. We got other problems. Truman fired my ass for giving the jewels. He is going to have Susan arrested. 

Scene 12: 
X: Don't strange yourself. Who the hell are you? 
Barker: I am the man with your jewels. Go ahead, take that walk now. 
X: I trust you brought them back. 
Barker: I will when I am done, Sir. 
X: This is stole property and Marcus didn't have the authority to release them. 
Barker: I ordered him to. 
X: Don't provoke me. If they are not back in an hour, I will have Susan Redlyn in jail and you fired from the Bureau. 
Barker: Sir, Susan Redlyn is not a criminal and you know it. 
X: Do you know who I am? 
Barker: Do you know who I am? You think you do, but you do really? I am the guy you want on your side, I am the guy you want in the tent. 
X: You are insane. 
Barker: I get that way because there are forces out there that hold life cheap. And the worst of them pray on children. 
X: When it comes to protecting my shareholders I can't afford to be sentimental. It doesn't matter who. 
Barker: It doesn't matter if they are named Alice, Lizz or Trent? 
X: These are my grandchildren. 
Barker: They are all somebody's grandchildren. Have a good day. 

Scene 12: 
X: Where are my jewels? You have to give me my jewels. 

Scene 13: 
Ellis: Ok. We have a problem. The lights just went out. Where are the brackets for down here? Everything just went dark, you know. Just switched off. Show you the lights. 
X: I don't know about this stuff, we have to call the mechanics. 
Ellis: On a holiday weekend? This will not take forever. We can work it out. 
X: Here are the brackets for Lab 1. Looks ok to me. 
Ellis: Sometimes you can't tell. Better try them all. 

Scene 14: 
Barker: yes 
Susan: They broke in. 
Barker: Susan? 
Susan: They took the jewels. 
Barker: Stay right there. 

Scene 15: 
X: What are you doing? 
Ellis: What do you mean? We haven't fixed them. 
X: All brackets are working. 
Ellis: Got to be something else then. 
X: Hey, man, I watch what you are doing. Don't be massing around. 
Ellis: Think I found the problem. This doesn't look right. It's like the main bracket or something. Dakn it. 
X: Lights aren't on in the ladies room, too. 
Ellis: Good-bye. Thank you. Let's go. 
X: I got it. I got it. 

Scene 16: 
Barker: Susan? 
Susan: Barker 
Barker: You are ok? 
Susan: yeah 
Barker: Did they hurt you? 
Susan: No, just scared. 
Barker: How about Matt? 
Susan: He is alright. It's not giving them the jewels. What are we doing now? 
Matt: mummy 
Barker: I got him, I got him. Come son, let's go. 

Scene 17: 
Susan: They are not going to call, are they? They are going to let Matt die. 
Barker: No. They will avoid risking another murder charge, I think. I made a promise to this kid. I will find the fences moving the jewels and they will lead me right to them. 
Ellis: How is Mattie? 
Barker: At the hospital. They are working on him. 
Ellis: I just got a lead. We are on the way. 
Barker: ok 
X: Ok. We are on it. The string of Gamboa fever that killed the man is identical with the one from the lab. 
Ellis: A technican, a Jackson Feather, worked with the sample around the same time. 
Barker: Was Feather the only one? 
X: no 
Barker: So why we like to do this? 
X: This Feather have no connection to the research done on Gamboa fever. It is unlikely. 
Barker: So was he playing with any other strings? 
Ellis: Lab closed before we could reject a record. 
Barer: shit 
Ellis: Want me to go back? 
Barker: No, there is no time. They worry Matt's liver is going to fail. 
X: Don't worry. I tell the doctors 
Barker: Ok, good. Hang on. What? 
Ellis: You are ok? 
Barker: Yeah. Just give me anything you know about this guy. I want to know if they are dressing left or right, go. 
Ellis: I am getting that dress for you. 
Barker: ok, yeah. 
Marcus: It's Marcus. I have some good security tapes. 
Barker: I guess you was fired. 
Marcus: I just forgot to return them the tapes. You want to see this. 
Barker: Ok. Meet me at Double Oaks at 10. 
Marcus: Take a look. This guy came in twice, last time was about ten days ago. Says his name is Joseph Plummer. As we run an exclusive business, we run a check on everyone. 
Barker: So this is a wrong entrance? 
Marcus: He does, but he is not the man on the photo. Gave us a false ID. 
Barker: I know, I have seen this guy. Please. Turn it back. Stop. You see it? Freeze. That's him. That's there this son of a bitch infected Matt. I got you, asshole. 

Scene 18: 
Ellis: Hey. We were running back on Feather. The guy got a chattered career. Fired once, fired for bancrupt. 
Barker: He was here and told the buyers from the lab and it was his partner who infected Matt. 
Ellis: His Partner? 
Barker: I tell you in the car. It's time for talking to Mr. Feather. 
Ellis; I know, this is a stupid question, but did we get a warrant? 
Barker: Why not call it a social call? Come on. 

Scene 19: 
Barker: Is there anyone home? 
X: Who is it? 
Barker: I am a friend of your neighbor. I think I hit your car. What's he got? Come here. Get him. What's he got? 
X: Who? 
Barker: What's he got? 
X: I don't know what you are talking....... 
Barker: Wrong answer. 
Ellis: Look here. 
Barker: Was it one of these you gave Matt? Better answer me now. 
X: I don't know. What the hell are you doing? This is mad. 
Barker: Yes, it is, baby. Last chance to tell me what Matt got. 
X: No, ok, ok. 

Scene 20: 
Susan: hello 
Barker: It's Paravalley fever. Got it? 
Susan: Paravalley fever. 
Barker: Next expert is in Yale. 
Susan: Next expert is in Yale. 
X: Yes, Dr. Louis Scopes, he developed a cure that cam help against the symptoms. Tell him that I am on it. 
Susan: She said she is on it. 
Barker: Matt is going to be ok. 
Susan: He is going to be ok. 
Barker: Yeah. I'll be there, but I have something to do first. 

Scene 21: 
X: I trust everything you took is there. 
Barker: A smart man would keep Marcus around. And the kid is going to make it. 

Scene 22: 
Susan: It seems that it is working, thank God. 
Barker: So I told myself the first thing I am going to do if we got through this is to apologize to you. 
Susan: I was going to thank you. 
Barker: For the way I sounded at the house. The way I made you feel. 
Susan: It's nothing. 
Barker: Matt is lucky. He is lucky to have you for a mum. 

Scene 23: 
Ellis: What happened ? 
Barker: We lost the kid. 
Ellis: Mattie? 
Barker: No, Matt is recovering. 
Ellis: Who? 
Barker: Matt's best friend. Brandon Cook. He died of Paravalley fever. 
Ellis: How? 
Barker: Feathers partner must have stock him the same time he got Matt. Must have been a mistake or I don't know. 
Ellis: Barker? Barker? Are you still there? 
Barker: Yeah, I am here. You know the boys were just tumbling around together at the game. It was on the tape. I should have seen it. 
Ellis: I saw the tape, too. There is always a should have been. 
Barker: yeah 

Scene 24: 
Ellis: I only took the things you could live without. 

Scene 25: 
Raymond: Just a minute. You are as dumb as your brother, must be genetic. 
Will: I told you it wasn't going to work. 
Raymond: Not if you rip off his apartment the second you are in the door. I got you out to help me with Ellis, not to rob him. 
Will: You don't understand how it is. He robbed me and now I am just getting what is mine. 
Raymond: Maybe I didn't made myself clear. I am on Ellis side. He is in a very dangerous situation. And I thought I could use your help to got him down the right path. 
Will: He doesn't listen to me. He never has. 
Raymond: You have to find a way to got him. Because if you don't he is going to end up in the same hole I just fished you out. That or with a bullet in his back. 
X: You are asking the wrong guy for help. 
Raymond: really? 
Will: You better face it. I played you. I saw a chance to get out. I took it. I don't give a crab about all this. 
Raymond: Why did you take the flaw? 
Will: What are you talking about? 
Raymond: The future of your conviction. Checked the medical records. Ellis crabed in on that crazy junk, he killed that guy, not you. 
Will: You got it wrong. 
Raymond: You were alcoholed. Ellis finished him off. 
Will: All the way wrong. 
Raymond: I don't think it is so. Ellis had no record. He probably would have walked. But you protected him anyway. Even now with your problems, he let you down like a ton of bricks. You took the wrap. So don't tell me that you don't care about him. Crab. When the time comes, when I call you, you are giving it a second shot. Big brother. If you don't want to end in that hole. 
Will: How did you know? 
Raymond: I didn't. Now I do.
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