The Beast
  Pilot - Transscript - english

Transscript by elen and rosarot67 

Charles Barker stands thoughtfully at the window and observes the driving past underground. He turns round, takes his weapon of the table and leaves the space. 
A helicopter flies over the light illuminated city of Chicago. 
In a warehouse four armed men are confronted. 
1. guy: You want to tell my mother I got right, should I? 
Charles Barker: Everybody stay calm. 
X: Who is this guy? Get this out of here. 
Ellis Bullshit 
Barker: Take the money, it is a good deal. 
X: Put the guns down. 
X: Take this gun out of my face or I swear to God....... 
X: Till the last breath. 
Barker: Take the money, just take the money. 
Ellis If this is the deal, he takes only 50.000....... 
X: What? 

Charles Barker shoots twice at Ellis Dove which falls grievedly to ground and remains lying. 

Barker: If now you get the last cut, your mum would be so proud. So, are we good, are we not? 
X Yeah, we are good. 
X Damned 
Barker carries Ellis Dove on his shoulders ou of the warehouse. About him the helicopter brings itself in position, a task force meets him. 

Charles Barker: To hell, did you bring the whole office? 

He drops his partner directly in a garbage container. 

Ellis Dove: You shot me. 
Charles Barker: Yes, I shot you. 
Ellis Dove: Twice 

Charles Barker: ( to a FBI Agent) Hey, if you ever shot me again I will hunt you down. (now to Ellis) Come on, it is only 50.000. When they did the count, you were outside. How the hell could you know how much was lying there, unless you were FBI? I shot you in the best, son, to keep you from getting killed. Maybe next time I don't. I hope these shoots don't hurt too bad. Now get in the car. 

In a bar, Ellis get drinks during Charles observed what happen aroung. 

Ellis Dove: So when did we get our new case? 
Charles Barker: It is seriously compromised just back there. Our life depend on our ability to convince someone that we are who we say we are. 
Ellis Dove: I did all those exercises at Quantico. 
Charles Barker: And this is the difference between training and traincraft. 
Ellis Dove I get it. I understand FBI procedure. 
Charles Barker: See the guy in the left at the bar talking with the bar tender? You are his counselor in rehab clinic and you got to get him to come in for treatment. 
Ellis: You are kidding. 
Charles Barker: This is absolutely real and this is not optional. Leave the beer. 

Ellis goes to the bar guest and starts to talk with him. 

Ellis Dove Hey, you know. You know, it doesn't have to be this way. There are rules. 
Barney Are you God? If you find God, pull him out. Otherwise shut the hell up and leave me. I don't need your twelve steps. 
Ellis Dove It is funny imagine that. See, because in my facility we don't actually do twelve steps, we do 24. We double the effort for a cure. You can't be that for trying out,right? 
Barney Treat me what? He is talking so much now, tell me what is wrong with me. You little shit. 

Barney moves Ellis a blow into the stomach area and presses him with the face on the bar. Barker, tries to help half-heartedly his partner, before this itself as a FBI agent gives to recognise. 

Barker: Hey, hey, you don't hurt the little fellow, it is his first barbecue. He is new in this. 
Barney You stay out of this. Tell me, what is wrong with me, ha. You don't even listen. 
Charles Barker: Hey, hey i try( wishpert something) 
Charles Barker: See you at the car. Thank you, man, just in case. 

Together the both men goes to the car … and Charles Barkesr is pissed off 

Charles Barker:: What is wrong with you? 
You never play in the real world, never. You measure, you think and then you react. And when you feel as this thing is burning a hole in your pocket, when maybe you begin to know the job of an undercover FBI agent. Get your shit together. 


A lonely parking place 

Conrad It is cold and you are late. The world does a revolver on you, old friend. 
Charles Barker: Yeah, and who is the revolver? 
Conrad How long did you think this could last? 
Charles Barker: Goodbye, Conrad. 
Conrad Enjoy your new case, Barker. 

Ellis Dove enters with breakfast loaded, a stairwell. 

Ellis Dove You are early. 

Rose Lawrence Excuse me. 
Ellis Dove I just noticed that you are leaving early today. 
Rose Lawrence How would you know that? 
Ellis Dove You see, I live below you. I hear your door when you leave at the same time every morning. 
Rose Lawrence Well, yes. I have a half hour to come, cause I keep getting lost. 
Ellis Dove This city has a funny way of turning people around. You will get used to it. 
Rose Lawrence I'am Rose. 
Ellis Dove Ellis Dove. 
Rose Lawrence You should get your coffee before it is getting cold. 
Ellis Dove One is for you 
Rose Lawrence Are you worried right now? Are you some sort of a storker? 
Ellis Dove No, just very observing when things interest me. 
Rose Lawrence Let's start with a drink. This night, eleven o'clock. 
Ellis Dove Bye 

Dove enters the Appartment in the Barker already on him waits. 

Charles Barker: What? No coffee for me? 
Ellis Dove I did not know what you would want. The choice was too big. 
Charles Barker: One federal prison you come to. You are not interested? 
Ellis Dove My brother got 12, for mans two 
Charles Barker: Yes, that we both know. I guess this is a courtesy call from the parole board. Actually an invitation to stand up for your brother and speak on his behalf. Yes, it is sealed, stuck in a junkmail store. Again I ask you, are you really not interested? 
Ellis Dove It is complicated. 
Charles Barker: Yeah, it is, isn't it. I need this envelope to be delivered to that exact address at 18:00 shot, you got it? 
Ellis Dove What is it? 
Charles Barker: It is an envelope. 
The guy on the left, Michael Cooley. He is an arms dealer, distributed the whole nine yards, but he is only the trampoline to this guy, Nicolai Pankow. He is a shopaholic for heavy artillery, and he is our target. Presently he is yancing for a service to air laundry. 
(His Handy rings) It got to take this, could you wait in the hall? 
Ellis Dove This is my apartment. (and wait outside) 
Charles Barker: It is the family .. You need to get it … Listen to me … You tell me, to open his mouth and I will make this go away ... 
Get dressed, we are going shopping. 

In the car. 

Ellis Dove There is no way. The field office. 
Charles Barker: Do you think there is a better place as the FBI? So park the car and met me at the 24th floor. 
Ellis Dove Come on, park the car and met me at the 24th floor. 
Shouldn't you be on seven? Request and compliance? 
Charles Barker If we want to progress FBI to get an APG, met him on six months. Let's go. 

In the armory of the FBI. 

Charles Barker: Jo, Jo, we are here for a certain evidentuary service to air laundry. 

Petransky Yes, you are sure you are going to find it? 

Charles Barker: Just check the daily data base to find a box. Sure you are. You see that? This is a defence intelligence playdrive, the absolute bible for all foreign operations. This is what people die for. It got the names of every undercover agent around the world. 
Petransky You propably quest yourself this morning. 
Charles Barker: Why would you say such a thing? 
Petransky We are finished. 
Charles Barker: Petransky, without the launch card it's nothing, like a vibrator without batteries. 
Petransky We got the rise and shift. 
Charles Barker: Go for the car. Let's go. 

At the car again. 

Charles Barker: Those things will kill you. Don't you stand there. Pack the trunk. 
Ellis Dove You got a laundry surface out of the FBI computer. 
Charles Barker: Know the trick. You got to get it back in. 
Ellis Dove You have to convince me. 
Charles Barker: You have to keep secrets. 
If you don't have the magic launch card, we will get the PGI by the Nicolai party. 
Ellis Dove So, where are we going? 
Charles Barker: We will have a little chat with this file down by the water. Here is your case profile. Start living it. 
Ellis Dove Oh, my brother. 
Charles Barker: Obviously a mistake, you are adopted. 

At the river 

Charly Cooley is the guy? He is a true distributor. If you are going to sell weapons you are to know..... 
Charles Barker Oh, congratulations. Clearly you read your own deposition. 
Charly I can arrange a meeting with Cooley. 
Charles Barker: We will pass on that. I need to know what was not in your statement. 
Charly Nothing 
Ellis Dove This is a time to be smart, Charly. We need all you know, come on. 
Charly I don't know what you want. 
Charles Barker: I do not have time for this. 
Charly Look, I'am on your side. Do you hear me. I'am on your side. 
Charles Barker: Do not play me, Charly. 
Charly I will deliver Cooley, I promise. 
Charles Barker: I don't care a good deal about Cooley. You tell me something I don't know. Something that is not in the file, or I splatter you all over this, bitch. 
(Dove want to go between both) Back, off. Talk now, please. 
Charly I know this guy used to work nice with his armory. Lifted a shit man of rocket launchers. 
Charles Barker Here we go. 
Charly The archery..... 
Charles Barker: By the FBI. But he kept something, didn't he? Didn't he? 
Charly The launch cards. He kept the launch cards. 
Charles Barker: I'am going to meet your friend. You tell him you found a wire. 
CharlesBarker Not exactly you are a photo cop. 
Ellis Dove So, for selfcover, is that it? 
Charles Barker: Undercover there is a fine line between who we are and what we are going after. 
Ellis Dove There is a line, alright. 
Charles Barker: Yeah, there is a line. So we know where to cross. Yeah. (The Handy rings) Hold on. I got things to do. You got 90 minutes till my delivery, don't be late. 
Ellis Dove What? You just going to leave me out there? 
Charles Barker: Get that arm out if you need to go. 

In a device scale. 

Lauren: I didn't know where else to turn, you know. I wouldn't bare on you. 
Charles Barker: It is ok, Lauren. 
Lauren: I'am scared. For the kids. 
Charles Barker: What? 
Lauren: They were playing out in front. A man approached them and said: Tell your father his time is almost up.” 
Charles Barker: When did this happen? 
Lauren The day before yesterday. 
Charles Barker: You should have told me when. 
Michael Barker Mummy, I'am hungry. 
Lauren: I'll be right in. Go, keep an eye on your brother. 
Charles Barker: Why didn't you tell me? 
Lauren: He went through all our savings. One car was repossessed. John says he has a plan. A way out of all this. 
Charles Barker: Tell him to meet me at exactly three a clock. 
Lauren: Charles 
Charles Barker: I'll take care of it, Lauren. 

In the city 

Conrad I believe that envelope is for me. So how is your new partner treating you? 
Ellis Dove He is a real brick. 
Conrad Yeah, he is. It is three a clock, you are still alive, this is a good thing. 
Ellis Dove Known him for long? 
Conrad I know him well, as well as anyone can. 
Ellis Dove He said he hand picked me. Honestly I do not have a first damned clue why. 
Conrad He looks at you and sees himself 20 years ago. Is that scary? Because he is shot. I got you some brezels. Hey kid, I don't want anyone else undercover in my place. (He’s gone and Ellis Handy ring) 
Charles Barker Carney Road 123, Number 11. 
Ellis Dove What? 
Charles Barker: Go, get the launch cards. You got the brezels? They ain't for you. 

In a small bar 

John I'am the little guy in all this. I stumble on a piece of information. It is nothing personal, I got to move on that. 
Charles Barker: You obviously have no idea just how personal it is. 
John No idea? I understand now, I want to walk away, get me bucks and I'll have the choice. 
Charles Barker Everybody got choices. So do the right thing. For your family. 
(He give him a little package, stand up and leave him alone) 

John It didn't worked. Just come down and listen. Stop crying and listen. Just destroy the files and you are safe. I love you. 

Outside form Chicago. 

Ellis Dove Hello 

X: Whatever you do, don't let that door close. That bear get a wire. Don't mind Bunny. She is harmless. The best security system that money can buy. Jack, Jade, Yeah. Charly told me you was coming. You are here for my launch cards. 
Ellis Dove If I could just get what I came for, you know, I'll be on my way. 
X: You are a chooser or a sheep? 
Ellis Dove What? 
X: 9/11 with the false flagg operation, man. Wake up. A self inflected wound that can control a mass. You know were was no planes, grampse and CGI. 
Ellis Dove Yeah, man, look, if I can just..... 
X: What's your rushbrow? You want to play chickenfoot? 
Ellis Dove Play what ? 
X: It is like Russian roulette, but you don't die. You give yourself a genuine rush, but the worst that could happen is you get a hole in your foot. That is better than busted, not man. Your turn. 
Ellis Dove Hey, good man, your money is there. I have things I got to do, so you know. 
X: I know what you are thinking. You are thinking how is he giving me the launch cards. You never find them. What you got to do is prove to me you ain't the man So you smoking or you playing. Or are you just a sheep? Every night and every morning, you sound the misery of a born. Every morning, every night, some are born the sweet delight. Some are born at sweet delight, some are born in this night. 
Ellis Dove You like games, ha? What if I left you in the chain? 
X: Please, please, do it. Please kill me. Please see the world from the remainder of my prophetic glass. 
Ellis Dove This is not your lucky day. 
X: It is just a joke. It is just junk talking. Let's run that ultimate half back. 
Ellis Dove I need a name. I know there is a dealer who can get me in a room with the buyer. Someone big enough to move a rocket launcher. 
X: Cesar 
Ellis Dove Cesar. You know I know people like you. Their souls are damned. 

In a little bar. 

Ellis Dove Sorry, I'am late. 
Rose Lawrence You are not late. 
Ellis Dove Oh, good. 
Rose Lawrence You are nervous? 
Ellis Dove First dates, you know? 
Rose Lawrence This isn't a date. This is a drink. 
Ellis Dove Just out of curiosity: Is there any benefit to the drink another day? 
Rose Lawrence Very little expectation. Now we have to bore each other with our past. I prfer Duff. Do you play Duff? 
Die Erwartungen sind geringer. Wir müssen den anderen nicht mit unserer Vergangenheit belasten. Ich bevorzuge Duff. Spielst du Duff? 
Ellis Dove Duff? What is........(Handy rings) Excuse me. Hello 
Barney I don't know if you remember me. We met last night. You said you can help me. 
Ellis Dove Who is this? 
Barney My name is Barley. I think I'am ready. 
Ellis Dove How did you get my number? 
Barney You left it on the bar. 
Rose Lawrence What do you do? 
Ellis Dove I know there is perhaps less than a benefit to the drink at the other day. Perhaps that. 

Ellis Dove Yes, we will. (Handy rings again) 
Rose Lawrence You are a busy guy. 
Ellis Dove You have no idea. Ähhmmm, that was my boss. I go to have that cut short, I'am sorry. Look I'am having a proverbial day, all right? And the only thing that got me this far is the thought of seeing you. So this is, thank you. Now let me make it up to you. So you don't get lost. Earnies, the same time tomorrow night? 
Rose Lawrence ok 

Travis wait at a corner, that Barker picked him up. 

Charles Barker: Get in. 
Ellis Dove Where is the caddy? 
Charles Barker: It is in the shop. Will you get him? 
Ellis Dove Yeah. I got some news for you. 
Charles Barker: And what would this be? 
Ellis Dove An intercoolie by the name of Cesar. 
Charles Barker: Cesar. He is in the file, genius. We will meet him at 0.20. Who am I? 
Ellis Dove Charles Barker 
Charles Barker My name is Martin McCoy. I live just two clicks away from Tuscan, but I'am really from Alabama, if you can tell. I own pubs and we are real numbers on the middle. The shit works. And my wife Deleila is all over my sorry arse, she wants a boat at summer at the lake. Plus I'am hot tidy and settled with an adopted little brother how keeps stealing from his own company. Who are you? Hear me, you feel like you are drowning, but you are not. Who can you trust? You cant trust your damned case file and you can trust me. I need you to take a lead on this. Can you handle this? Tell me now. 
Ellis: I'am good. 
Charles Barker: Just don't screwl out. 

At a reception 

Ellis: We are looking for Cesar. 
X: There is nobody here by that name. 
Charles Barker: No man, Anthony. No one is here. 
X: Hands up, man. 
Charles Barker: We are here to see Cesar. 
X: You see me, but you do not see Cesar. You got to have finished that. Make it fast. 
Charles Barker Let's do it. 
Ellis Dove I have something cool for you. This is brought to you by the brave. This is a FGM with prelaunch lock off guidances. 
X: Who needs a missile launcher? 
Ellis Dove Back than we got some launchers. This little baby, this will blow an Abrahams tank in two. You feel me. 
X: Come with me. Grandpa, you stay here. Cesar, this white boy here is looking to move our PG. 
Ellis Dove Look, what it is, the other man talked about moving this. 
Ceasar: Who are stupid enough to let you tell me something like that. 
Ellis Dove The FBI, of course. Who else? 
Ceasar: I like that. Can someone please put a gun in this cramer's face? 
Ellis Dove Look, man. Just shot me. I conduct a little business. 
Ceasar: If you got the launch cards. You got the launch cards, man? You are a funny boy. 
Charles Barker Look here what grandpa gots. 
Ceasar: What are you doing? 
Charles Barker: Let's see a little test. Three, two, one. Now, that is funny. Yes, we do have the launch cards. Another thing, 
Ceasar When it ring, pick it up. 
Charles Barker Cesar. I'am feeling really uneasy by hanging on this stuff. We are set. 
Ellis Dove Could it be that you somebody kills, if he gets to know what is left of that Lincoln? 
Charles Barker: I got it from Patrensky. What was going to give it back. 
Ellis Dove So, where are we meeting Cooley? 
Charles Barker: We ain't meeting Cooley, I'am meeting Cooley. You stay by the launchers, they are with you in the car. 
Ellis Dove What? 
Charles Barker: But listen. No matter what happens you are not to show that launcher to anybody. 
Ellis Dove Ok 
Charles Barker: You hear what I say? Absolutely nobody. 
Ellis Dove Ok, yeah. 
Barney It is Barney again I really need your help, man. 
Ellis Dove Why did you give that guy my number? He is drunk. This guy how think I’m the perfect responder. 
Charles Barker: Just walk him in the Sybil Memorial. He needs friends. 
Ellis Dove A real friend. A counselor or.... 
Charles Barker: You don't get it, do you? My car is just up the block at the Merian, fetch it. Yeah. Leutenant. I want you to use your 12-men-team, position 19 NorthWest, roof one on the east roof. And hear this, I need this guy alive. 

The meeting with Cooley. 

Charles Barker You remember what I say. 
Ellis Dove I know it. I got it. 
Charles Barker: Ok. Let's do it. Don't hurt yourself. 
X: I don't take this the wrong way. It is nice to meet you, but where is my launcher? 
Charles Barker: It is safe for now. Where is my buyer? 
X: Safe where? 
Charles Barker: Right outside in the car. Well, you know what. Why don't I just come back if you think you can hold your end of the deal? 
X: We need to relax. Trust me. 
X: We need to see what you got. 
Ellis Dove I don't know what you are talking about. 
X: Where is the launcher? 
Ellis Dove I think, you got the wrong guy. Everyone, be smart now. 
X: Please, have a seat. I hate it when this meetings take that kind of a turn. It's so uncomfortable for everyone. Look, if my guys like what they see outside, we can move this along. 
Charles Barker: How can we have it moved along? I stop to deal with you and I can start dealing with the real man in charge. 
X: When the time is right. 
Charles Barker: The time is now. So what are you saying, Nicolai? 
X: You tell me. Unless I see the launcher in the next five minutes, I be leaving here, and you won't. 
Ellis Dove Yeah 
Charles Barker: Show them the launcher. 
Ellis Dove Sorry, no can do. 
Charles Barker: No, no, no, listen. It's ok. Forget what I told you. Just show them the launcher. 
Ellis Dove No 
Charles Barker: I need you to show them the launchers now. 
Ellis Dove Have they given you the money? 
Charles Barker: No, they ain't given me the money, yet. 
Ellis Dove When they can't see the product now, can they? 
Charles Barker: Son of a bitch. This kid is so dim. I tell you what. You boys want to see that launcher? Follow me out and see me kill my little brother. Don't mass. Thank God, you are adopted. What the hell is wrong with you? You shot me in the finger, didn't you? Didn't you? 
Scheißkerl, der ist so fies. Ich sag Ihnen was. Ihre Jungs wollen die Waffe sehen? Folgen sie mir nach draußen und sie sehen, wir ich meinen kleinen Bruder umbringe. Sag nichts, danke Gott, dass du adoptiert bist. Was zur Hölle ist los mit dir? Hast du mir in den Finger geschosen, oder nicht? Hast du nicht? 
Ellis Dove I'am straight at you. There are two damned jetskis. One for you and one for me. 
Charles Barker: We talked about this. 
Ellis Dove I want my cut of 20 %. One more thing, brother. You have to stop telling people I'am adopted. Deal or no deal? 
Charles Barker: deal 
X: Very nice. You have the.... 
Charles Barker: launch cards. I get a dozen more there these babies come from. Are you interested? 
X: I take a dozen. 
Charles Barker Deal? 
X: FBI. Get your hands up. 
Charles Barker: We are going to shot him or slow dance with him. 
Ellis Dove To behave like true professionals, this seems sketchy. You are fighting with me make things massy. 
Charles Barker: You felt it, didn't you? You just have to learn to control it. 
Ellis Dove Who is that who keeps calling you? 
Charles Barker: When you work for who we work for. When you do what we do. You will find that there are things in life you have to protect. The Beast eats away with you, if you not care for the Beast will eat it all and you have nothing and you are nothing. You did good today, Ellis. 

In the underground 
Karen Maguire Agent Dove, low your weapon. Ellis, come down. It is not what you think. 
Ellis Dove Tell me, what I think. 
Karen Maguire I'am Maguire. You are in no danger here. All these people work for the same case team. I need you to listen carefully to everything I say and understand it was done ultimately to protect you. Your weapon traffic was a markup, to help us with the case. 
Ellis Dove What case? 
Karen Maguire Charles Barker. We feel that Barker had gone strange. That is why we teamed you up with him to see how you jail. 
Ellis Dove He hand picked me. 
Karen Maguire Well, we need you Ellis. We need you to help us find the truth, wherever that leads. 
Nun, wir brauchen sie Ellis. Wir brauchen sie um die Wahrrheit zu finden, wo immer die auch liegt. 
X: Look, I'am Nicolai. 
Karen Maguire These are genius arms dealer who are now thanks to you off the streets. 
Ellis Dove You have any proof? 
Karen Maguire It is not that simple. 
Ellis Dove You have any proof? 
Karen Maguire Some, some. 
Ellis Dove That's bullshit. Barker, he treats me like shit. He sheds the rules if they don't fit the program, you know the man has a gun complex and he is a first class asshole to work with. But he is not tricking. He is the best agent I have ever been around. The bottom line is he gets the job done. 
Karen Maguire I think we all just gone, man. 
Ellis Dove Shut up, you don't know the Beast. 
Karen Maguire No one on this train will question Barkers abilities. You are right, you are matched. This is exactly what makes the situation bold. You are confused. 
Ellis Dove Do you think so? I get a gun jumped in my face, that's what left me trail apart from my own partner. I'am a little confused right now. 
X I think we made a mistake. 
Ellis Dove See that. That's the first rational thing I heard since I got on this train. 
Karen Maguire We will be in touch. 
Ellis Dove Yes, I got a job. I'am Barkers partner. 
Karen Maguire No, worse than that. 
Nein, schlimmer als das 

In the armory of the FBI. 

Ellis Dove Hey, what are you doing? 
Petransky What are you talking about? You can't be here. 
Ellis Dove The money from Nicolai...... 
Petransky Get out of my cage. 
Ellis Dove Did Barker hand this in? 
Petransky You think who you are? What are you doing? 
Was glauben sie, wer sie sind? Was machen sie? 
Ellis Dove Barker handed this in. 
Petransky Yeah. Get the hell out of here. I call the security. 
Ellis Dove No, no. I'am sorry. Keep cool. The undercover agents. Where is the plate driver? 
Petransky I need security down here right now. 
Charles Barker: It is 16:45. I arranged it. 
Ellis Dove What are you talking about? 
Charles Barker: The drinker. 50, Memorial. Go, hold his hand and do not let him down. 

At Barkers sister 

Lauren: How can you bear to be in your own skin? 
Charles Barker: Where are the files? 
Lauren: You are my brother. I told you what he was doing so that you'll help him. 
Charles Barker: If the people he was negotiating with ever find out about you and the boys, they would not hesitate to go through you on their way to me. Your husband has become a hero. 
Lauren Barker: What have I done? What have I done? 
Charles Barker: You saved your Family, that is what you have done. So, where are the files?
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