The Beast


Number Titel Airdate USA Airdate Germany
S01E01 Pilot January 15th 2009 28.01.2010
S01E02 Two Choices
Wer die Wahl hat ...
January 22nd 2009 04.02.2010
S01E03 Nadia January 29th 2009 11.02.2010
S01E04 Infected 
 February 5th 2009 18.02.2010
S01E05  Bitsy Big-Boy
Der Preis ist hoch
 February 12th 2009 04.03.2010
S01E06  Hothead
Der Überläufer
 February 19th 2009 11.03.2010
S01E07 Capone 
 February 26th 2009  18.03.2010
S01E08 Mercy
Die Veteranen
 March 5th 2009 25.02.2010
S01E09 The Walk In 
Eine folgenreiche Affäre
 March 12 th 2009  25.03.2010
S01E10   Tilt
Tilt - Gefährlicher Poker
 March 26th 2009  08.04.2010
S01E11 My Brother's Keeper 
Der Hüter seines Bruders
April 9th 2009 15.04.2010
S01E12 Counterfeit April 16th, 2009  open
S01E13  No Turning Back April 23th, 2009  open

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! ! ! FANFICTION ! ! !

Here you can find the the stories for the "Fanfiction Seasson". You can thind them in the board too and talk about it. All writers are happy if you want to tell us, what you think about the stories. Please remember it is only a fanfiction and not a official second seasson.

Episodenumber Title german Title Writer
02E01 Time out Auszeit rosarot67
02E02 Trust Vertrauen Julia
02E03 New Question Neue Fragen Elen
02E04 Rear Cover Rückendeckung rosarot67
02E05  Undercover Friends Geheime Freundschaft Julia
02E06  Turning Point Wendepunkt Elen
02E07  New Problems Neue Probleme rosarot67
02E08  Escape Flucht rosarot67
02E09  Agent under themself  Agenten unter sich rosarot67
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